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Prep Right, Glow Bright: 5 Beauty Blunders to Sidestep Before Your Special Day

Updated: Apr 29

You're gearing up for a special event, whether it's a wedding, graduation, or a photoshoot. You've invested in professional makeup services, but somehow, your makeup isn't turning out the way you envisioned. The culprit? It could be due to some pre-makeup pitfalls that are often overlooked.

In my experience, I've noticed issues like product patchiness, peeling, or texture unevenness on clients' skin. Upon inquiry, it's often revealed that they've recently undergone skincare treatments or waxing the day before.

In the quest for radiant skin and flawless makeup on special occasions, many people opt for pre-event treatments to enhance their glow. However, these treatments, intended to enhance makeup, can sometimes backfire and create issues during application.

To help you avoid such mishaps, I've compiled a list of pre-makeup procedures to steer clear of. If you have an upcoming special event where you plan to indulge in professional makeup services, read on!

1 - Microblading

I recommend avoiding this procedure right before your wedding or special event. It's best to have it done a few months prior to allow for natural settling and any necessary touch-ups. Otherwise, you may end up with overly dark, harsh brows, detracting from your desired look.

2 - Eyelash Extensions

Brides often opt for eyelash extensions to achieve captivating eyes on their wedding day. However, if you're trying this procedure for the first time or using a different salon, proceed with caution. Allergic reactions, lash shedding, or eyes appearing smaller or droopier than usual are potential risks. I recommend either getting extensions well in advance or achieving a similar effect with false lashes during makeup application.

3- Brow Tweezing, Facial Waxing

Many brides opt to tweeze their brows or undergo facial waxing the morning of their wedding or the day before. If your skin is sensitive, waxing can cause irritation. Additionally, having different textures between hairless and hairy areas on your face can create visual discrepancies. I advise scheduling these treatments at least two days before your wedding and applying soothing skincare post-waxing.

4 - Fillers or Botox

I recommend getting fillers and Botox treatments at least a month before your wedding. Ensure you visit a reputable, familiar location for these procedures to avoid complications such as allergic reactions, over/under-filling, bruising, or swelling. Avoiding these treatments within a month of your wedding allows time for any issues to be addressed.

5 - Skincare Treatments

Following skincare treatments, the top layer of your skin continues to shed. While you may think a skincare treatment a day or two before your event will enhance your makeup, it can actually lead to a rough texture as makeup clings to shedding skin. Additionally, skin renewal may result in peeling, acne, or allergic reactions. For optimal results, schedule skincare treatments three to four weeks prior to your event and ensure regular moisturization post-treatment.

While it's natural to want to enhance your beauty and prepare for special occasions with pre-makeup treatments, it's crucial to proceed with caution. Rushing into procedures like microblading, eyelash extensions, waxing, fillers, botox, or skincare treatments right before your event can lead to unexpected challenges and detract from the flawless makeup look you desire.

By heeding the advice to avoid these procedures in the immediate lead-up to your special day, you can mitigate the risk of issues such as allergic reactions, texture inconsistencies, or unexpected results. Instead, opt for these treatments well in advance to allow for natural settling, necessary touch-ups, and any potential complications to be addressed.

Remember, your wedding day, graduation ceremony, or important photoshoot is a time to shine and feel your most beautiful self. By prioritizing proper timing and preparation, you can ensure that your makeup application goes smoothly, and you radiate confidence and elegance throughout your special event.

So, as you plan for your big day, take the necessary steps to care for your skin, avoid last-minute beauty treatments, and trust in the expertise of your makeup artist. With careful preparation and attention to detail, you'll step into the spotlight with grace, poise, and a flawless makeup look that enhances your natural beauty. Cheers to unforgettable moments and picture-perfect memories!

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