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Prestige Makeup Workshop

Elevate Your Artistry, Define Your Style

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Service Description

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the art of makeup. This two-day individual course, hosted in the comfort of your own choosing, is designed for those seeking to master the intricacies of self-application. Explore skincare fundamentals, unlock the secrets of enhancing your unique features, and create a personalized makeup routine that suits your lifestyle. Engage in hands-on, practical sessions to boost your confidence in applying makeup on yourself. Introduction: Welcome to the IMakeup Artistry for Personal Use Course! Over four days, you will immerse yourself in the world of beauty, guided by expert instructors. From understanding your face shape to perfecting lipstick application, each session is crafted to elevate your skills. As you complete the course, receive a Certificate of Completion and Achievement by Nadin Tavsan, a testament to your newfound confidence and proficiency in self-applied makeup. Duration: 2 days (One weekend, 4 hours per session) Lesson Plan: Session 1: Skincare basics and understanding face shapes. Introduction to skincare routines and identification of personal face shapes. Hands-on practice in basic skincare techniques. Foundation application, contouring, and highlighting techniques. Understanding foundation types and shades. Practical application of contouring and highlighting principles. Session 2: Eye makeup - eyeshadow application, eyeliner techniques, and mascara application. Exploration of eyeshadow blending and eyeliner styles. Hands-on practice with mascara application. Lips and final touches - lipstick application, setting makeup, and creating a personalized routine. Lipstick application techniques and choosing suitable shades. Setting makeup for longevity and creating a personalized routine. 1 Extra Day (for additional fee): More time to practice what you've learned. Applying learned techniques on yourself under the guidance of instructors. Outcomes: Learn the fundamentals of skincare and makeup application. Develop a personalized makeup routine. Gain confidence in applying makeup on yourself. Chance to transfer your skills to our Makeup Artistry for Professional Use Course with a discounted price. Free access to our Beauty Blog! Certification: Certificate of Completion and Achievement by Nadin Tavsan (Not Accredited) Group Option: Opting for the group format (2-5 people) adds an interactive and communal dimension to the experience. Everyone books for themselves.

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