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Signature Bridal Elegance

Welcome to The Pink Wedding, where dreams of bridal beauty come to life in an opulent experience tailored exclusively for radiant brides. Our meticulous bridal makeup applications are designed to elevate your special day to new heights of elegance and confidence. Choose between our two exquisite options: 

1. Classic Bridal Makeup: 

Immerse yourself in timeless beauty with our Classic Bridal Makeup. Our expert artists will craft a flawless look that perfectly enhances your natural features, ensuring you radiate confidence as you walk down the aisle. Priced at £120, this option is ideal for brides seeking a refined and polished appearance. 

2. Premium Bridal Makeup: 

Elevate your bridal experience with our Premium Bridal Makeup package. This luxurious option includes a personalized trial session, allowing you to collaborate closely with our artists to create a bespoke look that reflects your unique style and vision. Priced at £220, this comprehensive package ensures every detail is perfected, leaving you feeling utterly exquisite on your wedding day. 

At The Pink Wedding, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life. That's why our expert team is dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled beauty experience, tailored to your individual preferences and desires. 

Step into The Pink Wedding and let us transform your bridal beauty dreams into reality.

Please note that the prices listed are starting prices. For a more personalized pricing quote and to discuss your specific needs, we invite you to get in touch with thepinkartist fill out the form on our website at Our team will be delighted to provide you with a tailored quote and assist you in creating the perfect bridal beauty experience for your special day.

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