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Thank you once again for your interest and efforts in pursuing the opportunity to become a part of The Pink Sphere. The time is up for uploading your applications, and we have viewed each one, loving many of them truly. Although we had to choose, and we did, it pains us to say it was another applicant. But please do read until the end as we still have things to share.

As a newly started company, we can’t offer this position to more than one person at this moment, and we are really sorry for that. We wanted to work with each and every one of you.

However, you might have received an additional offer from us via email or LinkedIn for a more freelance role at The Pink Sphere, and we may be wanting to make a phone call to discuss this opportunity further. Please check your inboxes.


If you haven’t received any communication yet, please know, all the submissions you’ve made are in our archive and we will absolutely be getting in touch for future offerings. Meanwhile, you are more than welcome on our platform to be a part of something global. Please do share if you have any collaboration ideas of your own, and we will be considering them.


As a thank you, we offer you a 10% discount* on all our store products, %50 discount* for your first coaching session and a chance to feature your work to potential employers/customers. Please check our The Pink Shop and Get Featured pages, and get back to us if you want to get featured freely*.


Having said that, we will be posting/resharing your contents through our social media to give a shout out to your absolutely amazing works that we don’t want to stay hidden, as you’ve accepted them to be reshared while submitting. We kindly ask you not to remove your posts until May 20th, as we will be taking this time to reconsider each one for potential collaboration opportunities.


We might have so much more to offer you, so please stay connected and please do not hesitate to get in touch for future projects and ideas. As a company with the mantra of breaking the norms of standard working styles and employment ways, we are open to all your ideas.


If you prepared something but couldn’t upload it as the time ended, please share it with us at to be considered for future positions or freelance opportunities.


I’m Nadin, and I really am so happy to have met each and every one of you.


Please reach out to us via or our social media accounts to share your ideas, opinions, and requests. I will be personally getting back to you.

Warmest regards,


Nadin Tavsan

Founder, The Pink Sphere

As a token of our appreciation, we are excited to offer you exclusive discounts and opportunities to showcase your talents. You can enjoy a 10% discount on all our store products using the code THANK YOU, and a 50% discount on your first coaching session with the code THANKYOU2. Additionally, we invite you to feature your work on our platform, which could attract attention from potential employers or customers. Please visit The Pink Shop and Get Featured pages for more details.


To feature your work freely, simply select the ‘Getting Featured’ option on our page and email us your choice without any charge. Please note that these discount codes are for single use only and are not transferable. Take this opportunity to engage with our community and enjoy the benefits we’ve tailored for you.


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